Drop Shipping

We accept drop shipping on uflare. No need to set up your own stock. You start today to focus on selling, leaving the rest of the work to us. You sell, we ship!

What is Drop Shipping?

Dropshipping is a business process where a seller attempts to convince buyers to make a purchase of an item. The seller, placed the same order with the same item and shipping address at uflare, then we ship the item to the buyer. The seller do not need to keep stock, and do not need to ship the item.

The process for dropshipping is shown below:

  1. Dropshipper advertises the products
  2. Buyer pays for the product
  3. Dropshipper orders the product from uflare
  4. We ships the item to the customer, not the dropshipper
  5. This business model is so effective, and so profitable. When the internet reached the international community, this business model became easier to implement.

All you need is a website, facebook store where people can find the products that you are selling, and buy it.

We also accept CSV file for mass orders.